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Been posting most of my more recent art/sketches on my main blog. Thinking I’m just gonna start posting stuff over there instead of trying to do two blogs, cause I’m hella lazy.

That can be found Here!

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Moar Snakes for the Snakepile. *dumps this on Doc.* Thar.

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Shits given? None.

I regret nothing.

Rebloggin’ Kitten’s artwork… cuz well everyone needs some naked bondage Stein on their page.

Reblogging back to my scribble blog since I’d went through a cleaning phase and had deleted it a while back.

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<3 Mah Doc.

Done in Clip Studio.

I did a thing.

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So my BFF and I ended up watching Kill La Kill and somewhere along the line we made a joke that we should draw a Medusa and Stein cross over. This is my half the deal of drawing Dusa in a Kamui.


I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore. “orz

I did a thing. Reblogging from the main account.

Posted 9 months ago

Scribble dump! Trying to figure out photoshop.

Posted 1 year ago

Did a buncha concept scribbles of my Deathknight troll. Drakkari Ice Trolls, ftw.

Posted 1 year ago

Decent scribble day.

Posted 1 year ago

Hey, Ayane. I noticed I missed yer birfday. So here is a belated birfday scribble of yer character.  Hope ya like it and you get outta that art funk soon! Don’t stop drawing what you like!

Posted 1 year ago

More snake scribbles!